Lisa Daniels Presents Resource Center Plan at National Conference

May 5, 2014. At the WINDExchange Summit held in conjunction with the American Wind Energy Association's annual conference, Lisa Daniels gave a presentation on Windustry's plans for the Midwest Wind Resource Center. Representatives of the other regions who received DOE grants for regional wind resource centers also presented their plans. Look forward in the coming months to learning more about this effort.

Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2014 Community Wind Awards!

Lloyd Ritter, founder of Green Capital, LLC, is the recipient of the Distinguished Service in Community Wind Award for 2014.

The selection for the Community Wind Innovator Award for 2014 is Chris Diaz, Senior Vice President, Renewable Finance, Seminole Financial Services.


From left to right, Larry Flowers of AWEA, Jim Duffy of Nixon Peabody, LLP, Lisa Daniels of Windustry, Lloyd Ritter of Green Capital, LLC, and Heather Rhodes-Weaver of e-formative Options.

Where the Wind Farms Are

In February (2014) the USGS published an interactive map of the wind farms in the U.S., through July 2013. If you have a fast connection you can drill down and get information about the turbines and specific locations of the wind farms and of the individual turbines. For more on this USGS effort, click here

Oklahoma Utility Expects Big Savings from Wind


Public Service Company of Oklahoma, a utility with about 540,000 customers, is planning to buy 600 MW of wind power, expecting to save $53 million in the first year, with savings increasing each year thereafter over the 20-year life of the contract. A step toward execution of the contract was announced today, January 24, 2014. For more go here.

New Report Finds No Relationship Between Property Values and Wind

A new study (Jan 2014) on the relationship between residential property values and wind development by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of Connecticut has just been reported. The study examined more than 122,000 home sales near 26 wind facilities (with over 1,500 within one mile of operating turbines) in Massachusetts, yet was unable to uncover any impacts to property values.

Thanks to All Who Visited Us At the Minnesota State Fair!

Special thanks to our volunteers who helped out so much at this year's exhibit.

Extra special recognition goes to volunteers extraordinare Paul Dinyer and Todd Triebold. Paul and Todd have volunteered with us at the fair every year for at least the last 4 years, and have gone well above and beyond in helping us out each year. Besides staffing the exhibit Paul helped us move in and move out. And Todd worked an amazing 7 shifts. So, extra special thanks to you guys. You ROCK!



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